Happy New Year and congrats on a great start for the Fall semester! The staff and students at CapIT are excited to see you all using the new technologies we implemented over the summer.  Since there are some new items that may be a little unfamiliar to you, here are a few notes or tips that you might find useful:

  • Printing – There are 25 new “Global Student Printers” available to you this Fall.  You may now retrieve any of your print jobs, at any one of these new printers, by simply using your CAP ID card! (Please note: To activate your Cap ID for printing you will need to scan your ID at the ID reader, then login, to any one of the Global Student Printers before you can use your CAP ID to actively retrieve your print jobs.) For more information about printing from your personal Windows or Mac computer, please visit the Printing on Campus Here are the locations of these new Global Student Printers:
Blackmore Library 1st  Floor (3 B/W) Blackmore Library 1st  Floor (1 Color) Blackmore Library 2nd Floor Blackmore Library 3rd Floor Battelle Hall – 2nd Floor – Rm. 231
Battelle Hall – 1st Floor – Rm. 149 Battelle Hall – 2nd Floor – Rm. 224 Battelle Hall – 3rd Floor – 382-Chem The CON – “FishBowl” TLS – Hamma Library
Schaaf Hall – 1st Floor Saylor-Ackerman-2nd Floor Lab Lohman Complex – Lab Capital U. Apts. – Basement Cotterman Hall – 1st Floor Lab
Student Union – 1st Floor Lab College Avenue Hall  2nd Floor Lab CMC – 2nd Floor Stairs Ruff LC – 1st Floor Lobby/Hallway Huber Spielman – Lobby
Law Lab – Color Law Lab – B/W Law – 4th Floor Library

(Note: Students can also print to the dedicated lab printers located within each computer lab.)

  • Wireless Network – Capital now has 860 new high-speed, wireless access points serving our residence halls, academic and administrative buildings. Every classroom on campus is now connected to this new, high-speed, wireless network. To take advantage of the speed associated with our wireless network, please use the Student network (Capital Student) and not the Capital Guest network. Please visit the Getting Connected page for additional information.
  • Phishing and SPAM – Phishing, SPAM, and computer hacks are on the rise across the world.  Please do your part to help protect the #CapFam by practicing these safe computing tasks:
    • Update the software on all your devices
    • Be careful of public Wi-Fi – More tips on staying safe when using public Wi-Fi can be found here
    • Backup your computer and your important school files – With your Capital email account, (Microsoft’s Office 365) you also have access to OneDrive.  You can simply “Save As” to your personal OneDrive account.
    • Never share your password with anyone – Update your passwords on a regular basis and make sure you also create a password for every one of your computing devices. (Also, don’t make your password too obvious to guess. Here is a funny clip about passwords: https://youtu.be/opRMrEfAIiI ) If you ever suspect you have been hacked or phished, please feel free to send an email to: abuse@capital.edu

If you ever need any help, please feel free to contact the CapIT Help Desk at: helpdesk@capital.edu, or by calling: 614-236-6508. (You may also come by the CapIT Help Desk at the Blackmore Library, too!)  Have a great Fall semester!!


CapIT Staff

In regards to the ongoing change from Pharos to Pcounter, if you are a Mac (Apple) user, you may have to remove your printer(s), and re-add them. This will not pertain to everyone, as it depends on how your printers were added previously. If you do have issues though, removing and re-adding is the first step you should take. To remove a printer, you can use the following steps:

  • Click on the Apple menu (upper left corner), and choose System Preferences
  • Then click on Printers and Scanners
  • Click the printer you would like to remove, and then click the minus sign
To add the printer, please follow the attached document. If you have further issues, please contact our Help Desk at 614-236-6508, or by emailing helpdesk@capital.edu. Thank you!

The CapIT is currently changing the printing management system for the university from Pharos to PCounter, as well as upgrading our printer server. This transition will allow us to have a more uniformed printer naming convention for all printers across the university to reflect the following network printer naming format:

Building-Location-Printer Model

You may notice that as you login to your office computer, a script will run in the background that will look for current network printers that are installed on your computer.  The script will update, install drivers and point your installed printers to the corresponding printer that is on our new print server. Below is an example how this printing naming convention will look:

• Old Printer Name: HP-1stFloor

• New Printer Name: Laws-1stFlrMailRm-9050

You will still be able to print to all of your current printers that are installed on your computer. Again, please note that the printer name currently installed on your computer will change by 2/24/28, if it has not already been updated.

If you have any questions, or issues, please contact the IT Helpdesk, x6508 or helpdesk@capital.edu.