Cloud-based Microsoft applications, including Microsoft Teams, O365 Outlook, Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive and Azure, went down across the U.S. yesterday.

Users of these services, reported they were unable to login and were presented with a “transient error” message informing them there was a problem signing them in.  These issues appear to have started at around 5:30 p.m. ET, with services not returning to normal for many until 10 p.m. ET.

Two hours after rerouting traffic to “alternative infrastructure,” Microsoft reported improvements in multiple services, however, some of you may still experience sluggishness and degrading service while accessing the 0365 Suite.

The latest update from Microsoft as of 9:25 a.m. reported issues with authentication for its cloud services. The original outage had affected services worldwide, however, as of this morning, it has been isolated to mainly North America and Canada.

The Capital University Department of IT will continue to monitor this situation and update the IT Status Page as we get updated information from Microsoft.

Questions, inquiries or concerns can be directed to the IT Helpdesk, or 614-236-6508.


Below is the original status update from Microsoft Corporation:

Some users may experience degraded performance while accessing Microsoft 365 services

MO223049, Microsoft 365 suite, Last updated: September 29, 2020 3:15 PM

Start time: September 29, 2020 8:05 AM, End time: September 29, 2020 3:15 PM


False positive

User impact

The investigation is complete and we’ve determined the service is healthy. A service incident did not actually occur.


Title: Some users may experience degraded performance while accessing Microsoft 365 services

User Impact: The investigation is complete and we’ve determined the service is healthy. A service incident did not actually occur.

Final Status: The investigation is complete and we’ve determined the service is healthy. A service incident did not actually occur. This communication will expire in 24 hours.

Current status: Our initial analysis into network infrastructure and components which facilitate admin portal access indicate that the service is healthy. We’re continuing to review service diagnostics to identity impact.

Scope of impact: At this time, initial indications suggest that impact is limited to North America and Canada.

Next update by: Tuesday, September 29, 2020, 3:00 PM (7:00 PM UTC)


Potential issue with Microsoft 365

MO223049, Microsoft 365 suite, Last updated: September 29, 2020 8:37 AM

Start time: September 29, 2020 8:05 AM



User impact

Users may be unable to access or experience degraded performance while accessing Microsoft 365 services.




9/12/18 -1:45 PM Issued Resolved

We are currently experiencing issues with Microsoft Office 365 for Capital users. All email exchanged between our servers and O365 is being queued for later delivery.  Once the problem is fixed the queued email will be delivered, until then:

  • Students will not be able to receive new emails from anyone that is not a Capital Student.
  • O365 is still working and students can email other students and persons external to Capital.
  • Student emailing Faculty and Staff will be delayed.
  • Faculty and Staff users are only affected by this problem in sending email to Students on O365.

Faculty and Staff Emails within Capital’s on-Premise servers can send and receive emails as normal (with the exception of Student O365 emails as noted above). We have a ticket open with Microsoft for this issue, but we have no idea of when they will be able to resolve the issue at this time. We will provide updated information once we have additional information.


Issue is currently resolved – future maintenance is pending on these servers

Colleague, WebAdvisor, 25Live and Perceptive Imagining are currently not available and will require maintenance that will extend into the early morning of 6/26/18.

As a continuation of the issues experienced last week on the physical and virtual servers that house 25Live and Perceptive Imagining, CapIT personnel are working with vendors to remedy the issues.

UPDATE: Issue Resolved – 5/30/18 12 PM

CapIT continuously worked with AT&T during the day.  Unfortunately, the off campus, in-bound calling issue is still outstanding. CapIT staff kept in touch with AT&T service over the holiday weekend, with no results.

Calls from external lines into the many of the new phones at TLS are not connecting. (Internal outbound and inbound, external outbound are working as expected.)

CapIT has been working with AT&T for the past several hours on this issue.  An update will be sent once the issue has been resolved and CapIT has tested each new line.

Update 4:30 PM

Call paths appear to have been corrected and working as expected.  Outbound calling is currently working as expected.  CapIT will continue to closely monitor the situation over the next few days.  If you experience any problems, please contact the Helpdesk ( or at 614-236-6508.

Update 3:45 PM

CapIT is still working with a variety of different vendors to trouble-shoot the out-bound calling issues.  As of the moment, calls to traditional telephone lines will connect as expected.  Calls to phones in the wireless spectrum (cell phones) are having trouble connecting.  CapIT has isolated the call path issue, but is currently working with various vendors and our telephone provider (AT&T) for the actual fixes.


Update:  12:15 PM

After a re-start of the Capital phone system, we are still experiencing outbound calling problems.  The problem currently seems to be with AT&T, our telephone service vendor.  More updates will follow as soon as we have additional information.


April 16, 2018 – 11 AM

There have been reports of outbound (calls off-campus) not connecting properly.  (In-bound calls are working correctly.) CapIT will need to perform a system re-start of the phone services to get the service restored and to enable outbound calling.  To perform the this emergency re-start will require a brief outage of all (Skype/Lync) phone services for about 10 minutes.  CapIT will perform the re-start of the phone system at 12 PM Noon.  CapIT is also working with AT&T to resolve the out-bound calling issues.

A following update to this system status notification will appear after the system restart has been completed.